Green Grove Coho cottages will range from 900 sq. ft. to 1400 sq. ft. of interior, conditioned space. Options include purchasing an existing home, purchasing a home under construction, or purchasing a lot and developing your own design in collaboration with Green Grove’s designated contractor who is experienced in several methods of energy efficient green construction. The homes have varied architecture to create a pocket neighborhood with traditional styling, compatible with the character of the historic common house. Shown below are floor plans and elevations of a French Country cottage that has been completed, and design features for the two 1 1/2 story farmhouses, and 1 bungalow home which will begin construction in July 2019. These give an idea of what features can be found in houses of that size, as well as the overall look we want to have for our community. Other designs and styles of similar character are welcome, subject to Green Grove’s architectural guidelines and approval by our design committee.

Green Hammer Flyer.jpg
Green Hammer Flyer 2.jpg